71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review

71524 XL Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review



Hight Adjustable


Product Features

  • Shatter Guard Backboard
  • Power Lift height adjustment
  • Orange Slam-It pro rim
  • All weather nylon net
  • Fade-resistant graphics
  • Steel frame with frame pad

Basketball the game of sensation, which is played by all ages of people. It has no certain age limit. Considering this fact portable basketball system in XL height has been invented. Now anyone can take the basketball game anywhere in anytime and may have quality time with family by having a friendly family competition. The brand Lifetime is specialized in making basketball system hoop in XL Height Adjustment system.

This is a model is one of the best models in XL Height by Lifetime. Its size is 54-by-33 by a 1-inch square with shatter guard backboard which is formed by acrylic, graphite, fiberglass and by including all a professional look reflects the hoop. You can rein the height of the hoop 7.5 to 10 feet effortlessly and without the help of any professional. To modify the playing surface high-quality materials Makrolon polycarbonate is used. Having double compression springs, it has power lift height adjustment with 3.5-inch round pole. You will find the finishing in a rust-resistant manner. Being 50 pounds in weight the storage capacity of the base is 35 gallons and to fulfil the basement you don’t need to use cement it can be easily meet up with water or sand and the most special feature of the model is its Orange Slam-it pro rim in arena style having wraparound brace supporting with a 5/8-inch ring made of solid steel and the manufacturer gives 5 (five) years warranty.

What we like about the hoop

  • Easy fulfilment of the basement
  • Single hand height containment
  • Developed playing surface
  • Special height adjustment mechanism
  • Well quality elements for long-lasting
  • Provides superior rebound

What would make the hoop better

  • Lack of ultrafast assembly
  • The absence of easy slide actuator

To have fun for entire family basketball can be an awesome game to have a great time together and this model will be the best choice for as it has the exclusive Power Lift height adjustment and the other features are also very innovative to fulfil your requirement. If you like to look for some more models then you may go with 48-inch Portable Basketball System Hoop. There is another model which is also on the top and can provide good service as Lifetime can and the model is; NBA Portable Basketball System by Spalding.

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