Top 8 Best Basketball Goggles of 2018


    Do you need eye accessories that will help you maintain a focused vision all through your basketball games? Well, you definitely need a best basketball goggles. These are the type of glasses are designed with unique materials to protect the players’ eyes when playing basketball.

    The goggles are made of lightweight material to make sure that the player has a comfortable gaming moment and do not get hurt while playing too.

    1. SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribble Goggles

    If you want to excel in your basketball matches then this is one of the accessories that you must have. There is always the fear of getting kicked by your opponent especially around the court when you want to shoot the ball. And therefore, to protect your eyes and have that comfortable shot, the SKLZ Court goggles will shield your eyes completely.

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    They are designed in a way that allows you to improve the reaction that your opponent my approach you at. The glasses will allow you to continue with your game as usual without fogging and the fact that they are made of glass and transparent materials makes them the best to use for your games. Note that the glasses are one size fit such that even a teenage basketball player can comfortably wear these glasses. How?

    The goggles are equipped with an adjustable strap at the back which allows you to either reduce or add the size of the strap for a comfortable fit. If you are worried about head becoming heavy while playing your games there is no need to be with SKLZ goggles. The shades are comfortable and you can wear them for an entire day. Their material is plastic and it is light in weight and all these features make you feel like you are not wearing anything. One drawback we noticed on these pair of goggles is that they have no lenses but overall they are good for a beginner.

    Special features

    • Lightweight
    • Adjustable strap to fit all
    • Improves the reaction of the player

    2. Head Impulse Goggles Protective Wear

    There are those who love to completely cover their eyes when playing just to make sure that they fully focus and they don’t get distracted. Well, if you need a pair of goggles that will offer these services, then you don’t need to look further since impulse goggles are the best option. They are equipped with lenses to offer this service and to ensure that you goggles do not clog even after sweating, the lenses are covered with anti-fog finish.

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    No matter the size of your head, the goggles are designed in a way that allows you to fully focus on your game without wasting time in putting them back to the eye area.
    This is due to the presence of the adjustable strap that allows one to fasten the basketball protectors on the right and comfortable position. A lot of players are hesitant to buy the goggles with the fear that they will break or shatter in case they drop on the ground. The goggles consist of plastic material that does not break easily. This has been reported by some players who dropped the goggles so many time but they did not break or even crack.

    Special features

    • Presence of high-hinged feature for extra comfort
    • Adjustable strap to fit all
    • Extended lenses for ample protection
    • Anti-fogging mechanism
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    3. EverSport Protective Glasses Safety Goggles for Adults

    Although these goggles are made for adults only, we cannot ignore all the great features that are available. First off, they are recommended as the best basketball protective eyewear due to the high quality and they are quite versatile as well. Meaning, even people who are involved in other sports like hockey, volleyball or even rugby can use the glasses for protection. Basketball involves a lot of jumping and pushing sometimes and getting an eye injury is quite easy in such game.

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    Therefore these goggles are designed to make sure that your eyes are fully protected from getting hurt by any moving object or person thanks to the available hard frames.
    If you have eye problems and you would want to replace the lenses, you can easily achieve this as the goggles are designed for easy replaceable. Therefore, all you need to do is visit your doctor so he can help you measure the right lens for use. Note that the goggles are not adjustable on the strap and this can be a disadvantage for people with small heads as you have to shop until you find the right size.

    Special features

    • Replaceable lens
    • Portable and comes with a carrying bag
    • Side rimless which adds extra view
    • Hard frames for extra eye protection

    4. Swivel Vision Sports Vision Training

    Aside from learning how to dunk, you need first off to learn how to focus your eyes on the ball and also how to move your head around the court. If practicing all that is not easy with your naked eyes, a pair of swivel vision sports training goggles will assist you. The goggles are specifically designed to help you learn how to train your athletic vision and also have an excellent vision tracking when playing your games.

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    Aside from basketball players, the other categories of athletes who can play with these goggles include golfer and also train battlers just to name a few. With the use of these trainers, you will be able to learn how to completely focus on the ball such that even when shooting to the basket it will be easy and comfortable.

    Special features

    • Versatile goggles
    • Focuses on improving the eye focus

    5. Ponosoon Sports goggles for Basketball

    These are the best for basketball dribbling since they are reliable and make your gaming time to be comfortable and fun. Whether you are exercising or playing your game, the glasses will offer full protection for your eye area. The presence of the anti-fog mechanism ensures that the goggles still provide excellent view even after you sweat around the eye area. Basketball is a game that requires one to be fully comfortable since it involves a lot of movements.

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    Therefore, to make sure that the players have enough comfort and are able to move their head, the ponosoon goggles are designed with nose silicone pad that ensures your nose area is comfortable, and they are made in lightweight materials which makes it easy to wear the goggles for long hours all day long. Whether you are training with your kid or wife, this is the best pair goggles to buy since they consist of an adjustable strap to ensure that they fit all heads. Even if you are training in the dust, windy areas or around anything that may cause your vision to be blurred, you don’t need to worry about your lenses getting damaged or clogged as they are resistant to all these distractions.

    Special features

    • Changeable lens
    • Dust, wind, and fog resistant
    • Comfortable

    6. Mincl Basketball Sports Glasses

    Whether you love to play football or basketball, this is a must-have pair of basketball goggles to help you have a comfortable and easy game moment. The goggles are made with the aim of ensuring that the players have a comfortable and undistracted time on the court. Therefore, you will not experience any sore face since the goggles are made of a pure plastic material that is light in weight too.

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    The lenses are quite high to fully cover the eye area and the frames are made of plastic as well. No matter how many times you accidentally drop the goggles, they can never break since they are made of plastic materials that are strong and unbreakable. One disadvantage found on this goggles is that they fog quite easily. This is because they are designed in a tight form which traps a lot of air after using them for a long time. Therefore, they are recommended for training or for small kids but, professional basketball players cannot use them.

    Special features

    • Plastic frames
    • Large lens
    • Nonpolarized
    • Changeable lenses

    7. Unique-Sports Dribble Specs Basketball Training Eyewear

    If you need the most comfortable and durable basketball goggles for dripping then this is the right choice of goggles to buy. They are made to make your training to be easy and comfortable as well. They are made for the players who would like to learn how to dribble and also control the ball without losing their focus. The goggles are made for everyone including kids as they can be adjusted at the back to offer a comfortable fit.

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    The crafting is done with lightweight material hence you don’t have to worry about developing headaches after wearing them for long hours. Aside from helping you learn how to move around the court with a focused face, the goggles are designed to help you learn how to aim when dunking. The price is also affordable hence you will not break your bank account to get a pair of the goggles.

    Special features

    • They have an adjustable strap
    • Made of soft and lightweight plastic material
    • Suitable for dripping
    • Suitable for ball handling

    8. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Sports Goggles

    After long use of training goggles, the strap tends to wear especially if you keep on adjusting it. So, make sure that your eyewear is still intact, the pyramex are made with an interchangeable strap such that if you need to change the current strap, you can easily do so. The lens can be changed if need be plus they are resistant to fog.

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    Which means that no air will be trapped on the lenses even after wearing the eyewear for long hours? These are some of the most reliable basketball eyes wears since they are made to provide comfort to your eyes while playing. Aside from preventing the lenses from trapping the air which causes poor visibility from the inside, the outside areas are made with strong material that prevents the lenses from breaking or shattering even in the case when you accidentally drop them.

    Special features

    • Changeable strap and lens
    • Scratch resistant
    • List Lightweight
    • Are resistant to fog

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    Ultimate Buying Guide of Best Basketball Goggles

    The material

    The first thing that you should look at when choosing the goggles for your basketball game is the material used to make them. You need goggles that are light in weight such that you will not get tired especially when you wear them for long hours. The other thing you need to focus on is durability. You may drop the goggles while playing or even get hit by the ball. To make sure the glasses do not get shattered or broken, choose a pair that is made of resistant and strong materials.

    The fastening

    You don’t need to keep on stopping in the middle of the game in order to fasten your goggles or to put them back in the case where they fall. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure to choose a pair that is made of the adjustable strap such that once you fasten them at the start of the game, you will not get distracted. The goggles that are made with straps are also ideal for kids since all you will need is to fasten the strap to acquire a tight fit.

    Your needs

    You need to ask yourself if you require the goggles for training or for actual games. This is essential since the gadgets are made with different features. For example, if you need goggles for the actual game, you have to choose a pair that is anti-fog such that even after playing for long hours, the air will not be trapped in the glasses.

    Other features

    The other thing that you need to look at is the additional features that are available on the goggles. For example, if you want a pair that you can use with customized lenses, you have to make sure that the lens equipped on the frames are removable to allow this.

    Importance of wearing eyewear goggles for basketball games

    • They protect your eyes from any distractions like the wind that may interfere with your focus.
    • Some are designed to help the players maintain a front view without tilting the head.
    • They are used to protect the eyes from getting hurt by the external objects such as dust or flying insects.

    Basketball Players Who Wore Glasses or Goggles

    Final Word

    If you want to join a basketball club or you need accessories that will help you keep your eyes focused on your game, consider getting any of the above-reviewed goggles. They are made of high-quality materials that do not interfere with your gaming moments. Also, the majority of the eye protective wears are made with an adjustable strap for easy fitting for different people.

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