Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes For Big Mans – That Fit Perfectly


    So you finally decided to buy a pair of basketball shoes and you are a big guy? No problem at all! Here we will show you the best shoes which will fit for you!

    The game of basketball has evolved a lot compared to the old school basketball so nowadays, the big guys have some different roles on the court. They usually are more flexible, faster and athletics than they ever been before.

    Best basketball shoes for big men should have a lot of support (especially in the ankle area), a very nice traction, good materials in order to make the shoe super breathable and a good cushion which includes a decent impact protection and a nice response.

    Is recommended the big guys should choose a high-tops basketball shoes because they are usually the biggest and strongest players in the court so in case if they are following at the ground, they need a lot of protection in the ankle area.

    Also, they are going to grab a lot of rebounds and blocks so they should be protected for each impact after landing on the floor.

    The cushioning is very important as well because the big men jump a lot so they are going to need a lot of impact protection provided from the cushion. Also, the cushion brings a lot of response necessary at the hard running while fast break.

    Also, traction is a crucial thing nowadays because the bigger guys are more athletic so they are going to do a lot of hard moves and direction changes. The traction should be really good in order to not slip away while playing basketball.

    If the outsole is good at any kind of courts (dusty, clean and even for outdoors) is going to be a big advantage.

    The most of the basketball shoes that we are going to present to you will fit you true the size so them has a good fit.

    Our top list of best basketball shoes for centers

    1. Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit Shoe For Men's Basketball

    The number two on our list is the Adidas Crazy Explosive Prime knit 2017. The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 is basically a big upgrade of the previous model ( Adidas Crazy Explosive 2016). The famous Estonian Center of the New York Knicks (Kristap Porzigins) and the small forward (Andrew Wiggins) from Minnesota Timberwolves were the ones who represented this shoe the most in their games. Here you can notice that they are super tall guys so this type of Adidas shoes fits their bodies and playstyle the most!

    The prime knit edition of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 includes a kind of sock extension on the upper of the shoe and some really nice materials on the toe area. There is a kind of mesh which is really comfortable and breathable.

    On the midsole area and the upper part, we can see some synthetic materials which bring a lot of ventilation to the shoe (so your feet will not burn a lot while playing on these) but there are not so much durable so it will not during a lot. The materials on the toe area will demand after a while especially if there are a lot of people who will make contact with your shoe during the game.

    The traction is pretty good on the clean courts where we can see a really good bite. In the dusty courts the traction picks up some good amounts of dust and it is pretty hard to get rid off so you will need to wipe it regularly. The outsole is good even at outdoor use but after a while, you will have some problems because the materials of the outsole are not as durable as it seems and there are not pretty strong.

    The boost technology on the cushion gives you an amazing impact protection and good response while playing, which is a really good aspect if you are a Center or just a big man. The boost of the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 prime knit is also charged on the exterior side of the shoe for a better lateral stability and support while making some hard moves.

    The lacing system is pretty good (There are not as many problems out there). There is actually some support for laces which bring a better design for the Adidas crazy explosive 2017 primeknit basketball shoe.

    Also, the three stripes of the Adidas are on the back part which gives a little bit of support and a better design for the basketball shoe but makes them a little heavier instead.

    There we can see that are no toe and the shoe has a unique body upper.

    That little shock for the upper part of the shoe is actually very flexible so the shoes are not as hard as it seems to put in and put out off the foot. You just need to stretch them a little bit before you will try to put them on the feet.

    The shoes are pretty heavy so this is an advantage for the big guys and the taller ones who play centre.

    The design of the shoe is amazing. The colorway’s and models are really impressive and the Andrew Wiggins and Kristap Porzigins got their personalized shoe colourway which is pretty cool.

    Overall, the Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit are some very good performers and some great shoes for bigger guys and for centers!


    • Super comfortable and easy to put in (and put off as well)
    • Traction & ventilation system is great
    • Impact protection and the response are amazing


    • No cons we found

    2. NIKE Lebron 15 Low Top Basketball Shoe

    The NIKE Lebron 15 Low was one of the best performers of the year of 2018. They are made using the flyknit technology that gives to the shoe some more ventilation which makes it very breathable so you will not feel the feet pretty hot, which represents aspect for jumping high.

     The zoon unit is really impressive and big. You will feel your foots very comfortable and up to the ground as well. The court feel is still really good. That aspect of the shoe will give you a bonus of some inches which will help you reach the basket a lot easier and faster.

    Also, the zoon unit of the Nike Lebron 15 will give you super response and a lot of impact protection so, after the jump, your feet will be alright and a more protected which is a really good aspect for Centers or bigger guys.

    The traction performs very well (Even on dusty courts and clean courts). The traction does pick up some good amount of dust but it can be wiped easy. The outdoor use is not very recommended because of the materials which the outsole is made of.

    The traction is good even on the dusty courts so that will help you get a lot of as a center or a tall guy as well.

    The materials are pretty nice, the Nike Lebron James 15 have a full flyknit on the upper and there are changed on the sides, which is really good for lateral support.

    The aesthetics are amazing. There are actually some really good colourways and models that are waiting for you!

    The support on the ankle area is still super good so you will not have to worry about your feet while playing the game of basketball.

    Overall, the 15 the signature shoes of the famous NBA Star Lebron James are amazing, good performers and one of the best of the year of 2018.


    • The shoes give you some extra inches to your height
    • Good cushioning system
    • Great traction 


    • lacing system

    3. NIKE Lebron 15 Low Top Basketball Shoe

    The Nike Flyknit hyperdunk was one of the most wanted shoes for that year because of their good performance while playing

    The cushion is based on the new react technology. This cushion gives you a ton of response and impact protection which will help you while landing after a high jump, which is a good aspect for Centers or even for big men.

    The materials are pretty premium. The entire upper is made of flyknit which gives a ton of comfort and breath for your feet.

    The shoes are very flexible so this will brings you a lot of mobility and you will feel low to the ground while playing the game of basketball.

    The court feel is nice as well because of the cushion.

    The materials on the back give you an extra flexibility and ventilation.

    You may have some little problems with the lacing system because of the materials on the upper part of the shoe. You actually need to lace them up pretty strong so you will have not to meet this problem again until the end of the game!

    The aesthetics are awesome. The colorway’s are nice so you will look good while playing basketball.


    • Lightweight & comfortable
    • Good cushion and impact protection


    • The traction will pick up a lot of dustc

    4. Kobe AD Mid

    These Nike Kobe Bryant AD Mid shoes are made after the Kobe retiring. They are actually very different than the normal Kobe AD but is only the mid version of these. 

    When we talk about the traction, while playing on the clean court, the outsole is pretty amazing. The stopping pattern is very squeaky and has a really loud sound when you bite but if you will play on a slightly dusty court you should be ok. You just going to find yourself swiping a lot because it picks a lot of dust. But this is actually not a big deal because there are a lot of basketball players which are going to wipe them anyway a lot during the game.

     If you play in a very dusty court, the Kobe AD Mid is not very recommended at all. You should wipe a lot. Despite that fact, the Kobe Bryant signature shoes have a really good traction.

    Because of his soft rubber is not recommended to outdoor use

    Moving on to the cushion, the Kobe AD Mid has some nice full-length lunarlon which is not caged because is not a drop in and it feels super nice. They are caged only in the forefoot for an optimal response but in the heel they really let it live. The cushion is really soft and a nice quickly bounce on the heel as well.

    Impact protection is really good and compared to other Kobes( Kobe Bryant was not a huge fan of the very bouncy basketball shoes), the AD is not feeling as low on the ground but this is not bad. Also, the response is really good because of the zoom technology.

    This is a really good aspect of the shoe especially if you play Center and if you are a bigger guy on the basketball court.  

    On the upper, at first is little like stiff ( like an old-school basketball shoe vibe) but is really thin compared to the old school ones and it get a ton of support. It looks pretty premium

    They have a half tongue type so is not one booty upper

    When we talk about the fit you should go true the Nike size. It fits pretty narrow ( just like all Kobes do)

    The support is pretty good. The lateral containment did not stretch at all so you won't have any issues. Also, the lateral stability is pretty good too. A very nice outrigger coming up will give you a ton of lateral stability.

    The lockdown is good as well. Kobes usually have very good lockdown so no slippage anywhere once tight the laces down. But in the beginning, the laces are really hard to tight because of the materials but once you break it in it does easier of course.

    The Kobe AD Mid are pretty light but compared to other Kobe models, it feels a little bulky because the midsole is a little thick and in the ankle, there is a lot of padding but is not a big deal at all. Is still a light and responsive basketball shoe.

     The aesthetics are good and the colorway’s are just amazing! 

    The overall, cushion is really good, the materials are ok and the fit is kind of good. They have a premium price but the shoe just makes you enjoy playing in them. You should use it as the main basketball shoe.

    This is perfect for tall basketball players


    • Signature shoes are super light
    • Cushion performance pretty well
    • Good support on the lateral side


    • Picks up a lot of dust on dusty courts so you will need to wipe it a lot

    5. Adidas Derrick Rose 9

    The number one basketball shoes on our list are Derrick Rose 9.  The Adidas Derrick Rose 9 is the newest pair of shoes of the Famous NBA player of Minnesota Timberwolves team shoe line.

    This basketball shoe fits Derrick Rose the best by his playstyle and his past injuries so the shoes are pretty supportive and safe.

    The first thing we are going to talk about is the traction of the Adidas Derrick Rose 9 basketball shoe. The traction is absolutely amazing! The traction pattern is pretty interesting but it picks a good amount of dust while playing so you will have a little bit of work to do while playing on the dusty courts. You will need to wipe the outsole sometimes but this is not a really big deal because there are actually a lot of players who will wipe it out anyway.

    The Adidas Derrick Rose 9 are good outdoor as well because the materials of the outsole are stronger enough so the shoe will be pretty durable even at outside.

    Moving on to the cushion, there are made by the bounce technology. The Derrick Rose get rid of the boost which was present on the previous models but despite that, the cushion is amazing, quite impressive!

    The impact protection is present in a decent amount and the shoes are pretty responsive as well.

    There is a lot of compressions, especially on the heel. The midsole is fully charged so this aspect brings some extra support on the lateral side of the shoe, really good for explosive moves or hard direction changes.

    The materials of the shoe look pretty premium,  on the upper we can see kind of mesh which actually give it to the shoe more ventilation. The lacing system is pretty good as well. so your feet will be in safe.

    The materials in the interior are nice so you will feel very comfortable and this will bring you a really good vibe while playing.

    The Adidas Derrick Rose 9 basketball shoes are pretty high on your foot so the ankle will be super protected as well. There is a really good support in the entire shoe which makes it perfect for a Center or a big basketball player.

    Also in the back, there is a place which is closer to the ankle so you will feel more comfortable and pretty safer

    The aesthetics of the shoe are amazing even for a Derrick Rose basketball signature shoe so you will look pretty good.

    Overall the Adidas Derrick Rose 9 signature shoe is a very good performer which will fit pretty well to a big Center.


    • The Adidas Derrick Rose 9 has a good cushion
    • The materials of the shoe are pretty breathable
    • The support is amazing


    • Traction is not so good on the dusty courts
    • Bit heavy

    6. Adidas Harden vol 3

    The Adidas James Harden vol 3 is the newest signature shoe of the famous of the NBA team Houston Rockets shooting the guard.

    After the Adidas has a lot of success by releasing the Adidas James Harden vol 2 signature shoe now they release the new Adidas James Harden 3.

    The Adidas made some changes to the actual signature shoe comparing to the second model of the James Harden signature shoe line (Adidas James Harden vol 2). The boost on the cushion is not as much as on the second version. Also the Adidas improved the materials and the aesthetics of the upper part of the shoe (there are pretty similar to Nike Paul George 1 basketball shoe) so there is more support on the lateral part of the shoe (The NBA star James Harden use to make a lot of hard crossovers so he need some good support).

    The materials of the James Harden vol 3 signature shoe are far fewer than the previous model (Adidas James Harden vol 2 ).

    The Adidas made this version of James Harden signature shoe line simpler. The perfection is based on simplicity. Actually, the previous model had some problems because of the extra materials. There were some materials which was not necessary at all.

    In the upper part, we can see some kind of hard mesh. Also, the boost unit is not super changed compared to the previous model. This aspect gives you more mobility while doing the hard crossover and speed changes.

    An aspect which is missing compared to the previous model is the personalized lacing system. That aspect brings you more support, especially on the heel area.

    The aesthetics are pretty good, The Adidas James Harden vol 3 has some awesome colorway’s and models.

    Overall, the Adidas James Harden vol 3 basketball signature shoe is a really good performer which fits pretty nicely with women as well!


    • Pretty light and super comfortable
    • The traction is good (especially on the clean court)


    • Not as durable as it seems, especially if you choose to play outdoor

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