The Best Basketball Shoes Reviews in 2018 For Comfort and Performance


    Playing basketball and enjoying the game can often come down to the kind of shoes you have. When you step on the court whether it’s for a professional game or just a fun and easy match, you need to ensure you have the right shoes. Good shoes will not only make it easier for you to play but you will also be safe and free of additional injury risks. The great thing is that there a number of shoes that are specifically designed for playing basketball. Historically, basketball shoes have evolved significantly. From simple playing shoes that were used in the past to the more professional shoes today, there is no doubt that you can find whatever you want in the market. But of course, there are many factors that you will need to consider before you decide to buy the shoes of your choice.

    Best Basketball Shoes Comparison Table






    NIKE Men's Prime Hype DF II

    Phylon midsole


    Nike Men's Jordan Reveal

    Encapsulated Air-Sole


    adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7



    adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive



    Under Armour Men's UA Curry 2.5

    PU shell


    Our Top Pick For The Best Basketball Shoes

    Having remarkable athleticism with comfort in the game is again in trend. For basketball players playing with the highest level of comfort is the first assertion and it will also help a player to focus on what really matters, the game! Comparing to other basketball shoes on the basis of comfort, design, breathability, ventilation, lightweight and perforations the product D Rose 773 lll Men’s basketball shoes by adidas will be no the top.

    What to Consider Before Buying The Best Basketball Shoes

    Even as you look at the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive basketball shoe as the ideal choice when it comes to basketball shoes, it’s important to note that there are also other auxiliary yet vital factors that come into play. Buying basketball shoes is not like buying ordinary shoes. There are very specific things you need to know and in this guide, we are going to break them down for you.


    The comfort of your shoe is the most important thing to consider. Although it’s easy to get drawn by the way the shoe looks and the kind of class it appears to have, you can’t buy it until you have worn it and felt how comfortable it is.

    Buy The Right Fit

    Part of the reason why your shoe will be comfortable is if it indeed fits right. The shoe shouldn’t be too big or very small. The right fit is not just comfortable but it’s also safe to play with it. Besides, a fitting shoe also allows you to play more vigorously if you want.


    Basketball shoes have evolved over the years and you will find that there are many materials used these days to make these shoes. You will find that some shoes are made using genuine leather while some may come with synthetic leather or are made of canvas. The materials should be durable and also comfortable. Many of the modern shoes are made using synthetic leather combined with canvas in order to offer both strength and comfort.


    You also need to make sure that the shoes you are buying for basketball are affordable. The prices are going to vary based on the design of each shoe but you can always find something that fits your pocket

    Best  Basketball Shoes on the Market

    There are a few basketball shoes that have always shown that they are a cut above the rest as far as quality goes. While the Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe is really up there in terms of features and advantages, there are a few others that are worth mentioning.

     1.  Nike Prime Hype DF Basketball Shoe

    ​The Prime Hype DF basketball shoe is designed using synthetic leather and it features a decoupled collar that offers full range ankle movement.

    The awesome looking high tops have a lightweight breathable mesh with a synthetic no so construction that help reduce irritation and give you real customizable fit that made it the best basketball shoe in the market.

    It has breathing tech construction on the top of the shoe that adds a readability lace-up system lock the foot in the place. A good amount of padding around top collar gives comfortable feeling.

    Decoupled collar for the full ankle thereby it adjust each ankle movement very accurately and provide a premium support.

    It has high quality rubber sole that helps to have awesome grip with the ground that gives the advantage to take sharp corner and immediate cut in the game. The price is also not bad so it should be a good pick for you

    What we liked

    • Very affordable compared to other brands out there
    • Comfortable shoes due to additional breathing tech construction
    • The synthetic and lather combination gives a premium feel to it

    What we didn't like

    • Takes time to break into them

     2.  Nike Men's Jordan Reveal Basketball Shoe

    The Jordan Reveal Men's Shoe is a combination of comfort, breathability and style. This is considered one of the best basketball shoes.

    It has 4.3" from arch (approx.) shaft measures provides a signature of style and comfort.

    A low-profile midsole and a streamlined upper give it a minimal look, while subtle details build on the rich Jordan legacy.

    The mid-sole is mainly for a support for mid foot. When a person is making a fast run, the pressure on the mid foot increases. So, the cushioning of mid-sole acts as a support for mid foot.

    The rubber has a good durability and traction capacity because it has hardly slippage.

    The Nike Men's Jordan Reveal basketball shoe is also a low cost high-quality basketball shoe that offers good value for money.

    What we liked

    • Features lightweight breathability for ultimate comfort
    • Highly durable shoes that will last long even after intense sessions

    What we didn't like

    • Some users felt uncomfortable on the ankles when they didn’t wear long socks

     3.  Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoes

    Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 basketball shoe can be used by both professional and amateur players and why not, it has so much to offer. It features a long shaft of nearly 5” for protection on the ankles as well as the most responsive cushioning for energy in jumping.

    The stylish light weight design made it unique form the others. The synthetic touch in the upper gives it a stylish look.

    Because of the rubber sole it has the extra advantage. It has hardly slippage while to have quick cut in the game and to take the corner. The Shaft measures approximately 5" from arch it add some advantage in the ground. Boost is our most responsive cushioning ever: The more energy you give, the more you get back from the shoe. 

    What we liked

    • Very comfortable shoe to wear
    • Ideal for intense basketball players
    • Cushion is full length boosted

    What we didn't like

    • Might take time to find the right fit

     4.  Adidas Performance Explosive Basketball Shoes

    The Adidas Performance Explosive basketball shoes are indeed among the best you can find in the market at the moment. The shoe features a strong rubber sole as well as a combination of synthetic leather and textile to deliver the best durability and the ultimate comfort.

    What we liked

    • A highly durable shoe that can be used for intense basketball
    • The most responsive cushioning to offer a high quality boost

    What we didn't like

    • This shoes are expensive for the regular buyer

     5.  Under Armour Men's Curry 2.5 Basketball Shoe

    Under Armour Men's Curry 2.5 Basketball Shoe is designed using synthetic leather and also mesh. It offers aggressive traction too and is the right option for people who are looking for a strong grip. As for the price, it’s  expensive but External shank and heel counter deliver locked-in stability through heel, arch and forefoot to provide support and eliminate sliding.

    The shoe have a really soft breathable interior with a thin tongue design up in front there to give you added mobility . The shoe can get b out of this with tons of cushioning on the bottom of that there it have a really soft foam midsole and a steady rubber outsole on the bottom with those grooves and it’s your feeder grill bend and flex naturally. This is kind of shoes that take a game to the next level.

    What we liked

    • Very comfortable shoe to wear
    • Ideal for intense basketball players
    • Light weight design

    What we didn't like

    • Not as comfortable walking shoes

    Final Word

    Well, the right basketball shoe is out there waiting for you. While you can have your own taste, at the end of the day, it all comes down to how comfortable and how affordable the shoe is. The Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive basketball shoe is definitely a good choice for anyone but in case you are not down with this product, the next best thing you can get is the Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe. Both shoes are going to deliver and the great thing is that they are not that expensive.

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