Top 5 Best In-Ground Basketball Hoops of 2018

    best in-ground basketball hoops reviews

    Basketball is a very popular sport all over the world and while most of its professional players have had to go through years of training and practice to get where they are now, for an amateur to play basketball it only takes a ball and a hoop. You don’t need a standard basketball court to enjoy the sport. There’s a wide range of basketball hoops available in the market today yet Outdoor basketball hoops appear to be the most popular. The best in-ground basketball hoops offer more stability, allow for better playing flexibility, and are generally stronger compared to portable ones.

    In light of this, they are very popular with many buyers. Well, in case you are in the market for a brand new in ground basketball hoop or perhaps you just want to replace the one you already have, stick around and read this guide, it will indeed be quite helpful.

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    Makrolon polycarbonate


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    Under $1000


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    Tempered Glass


    Under $500


    How To Buy A Quality In-Ground Basketball Hoop

    Now that you are aware of some of the features and the categories that in-ground hoops come in, it’s now important to look at how you finally make the purchase.
    Before moving on, it’s important to emphasize that buying a basketball hoop, especially an in-ground one is more than just stepping into a favorite store of choice and making the purchase. It has to be a process and here are a few steps that you should take:

    • The first thing is to do some window shopping. You can do this online or offline. The aim here is to simply look at available products in the market, how much they cost and what they offer. This will help you pick the right hoop.
    • Secondly you must narrow down your choices. Once you’ve looked at various options online and offline, you need to go ahead and settle for at least 3 products. There are many in-ground basketball hoops and you can’t buy all of them. What you are looking for here is to shortlist the available hoops based on your budget, your playing needs, and the kind of preferences you have.
    • Once you have shortlisted 3 options, try and now look at which one offers the best value for your money. Note that this should be value for money and not low cost. It would be a big mistake just going for the cheapest hoop. You should make sure that you are buying an in-ground hoop that will last long and one that offers more features for the money you’ll spent.

    Best In-Ground Basketball Hoop Reviews

    With all the factors above considered, it all comes down to which ones of the many available options you will go for. Coming up with this top 5 list of in-ground basketball hoops was not easy but then again, if you take your time you can really narrow down the options.

    Just to give you some concrete suggestions of which hoops to go for...

    1. Pro Dunk Gold Driveway Basketball Goal Hoop

    The Pro Dunk Gold is a high-end, high quality, and high performance in-ground basketball hoop that features a wide range of capabilities. The hoop comes with a 60-inch high-performance and a highly durable glass backboard. The backboard can also be easily adjusted down to an industry low 5 feet that allows even people who aren’t that tall to enjoy what it has to offer.

    The hoops also feature a 6” by 6” pole that is thick enough to offer strength and stability. The Pro Dunk Gold is expensive but it’s worth it.

    Besides, you will also get a complete padding of the backboard, the pole and the gusset to protect it against the weather elements.


    • High performance hoop with amazing features
    • Offers rock solid strength for safety and excitement every time you play
    • It's covered to prevent quick wear and tear
    • The hoop also comes with a rust armor package to guarantee a long lasting service


    • The hoop is a bit expensive and it would be ideal for people who aren’t afraid of spending a bit more money

    Verdict: Price aside, the Pro Dunk Gold is perhaps one of the best hoops you can find in the in-ground hoops category

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    2. Silverback SB60 In-Ground Basketball System

    The Silverback In-Ground Basketball System is also a premier in-ground basketball hoop that offers the high performance and high-end durability of a gymnasium style goal. The hoop comes fully fitted with anchor mounting capabilities to deliver outstanding strength and support.

    The poles are also strong and the backboard is made of tempered glass to deliver the perfect bounce for the ball. The powder coated steel as well as the simple height adjustment system make it the perfect choice, especially when you consider the cheap price.


    • Relatively affordable compared to other major hoops with almost the same features
    • Offers outstanding durability on the poles and the rims
    • List Easy to install and get started


    • Some users have complained that the hoop vibrates slightly when in use

    Verdict: For people who are on a budget and are still looking for a high-end hoop with great features, the Silverback In-Ground Basketball System will not disappoint.

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    3. Lifetime 71525 In Ground Basketball System

    One of the most distinguishing features that the Lifetime 71525 System has is its unique 56-inch shatterproof backboard. This is a vital feature that drastically improves the user experience. But that is not all! The hoop also features a power lift height adjustment system as well as a sturdy makrolon polycarbonate backboard.

    The Lifetime 71525 is generally billed as a durable in ground hoop ideal for a rugged and high intensity play. The hoop is also covered with an all-weather nylon net on the rims and has double compression springs for the perfect dunk.


    • Well-designed rims with advanced technology for easy and high-quality dunking
    • Incredibly easy height adjustment system
    • Top of the chart backboard system that’s usually available on top brands


    • Some users have complained that the hoop is very difficult to assemble

    Verdict: Although you will need to be quite the handyman to get this hoop up and running, it’s still a great choice due to the quality features.

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    4. Spalding 88454G NBA In-Ground Basketball System

    The Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System is a relatively cheaper choice. It is a low-end hoop that still offers great capabilities. The hoop comes with a 54-inch aluminum trim glass backboard that is steel framed to ensure quality and durability. The hoop also has a Pro-ImageTM breakaway rim that will offer just about the right strength for recreational basketball.

    What we liked

    • Simple design to ensure a simple set up and the strength of the entire system
    • Features a unique height adjustment system with lift technology for the perfect ease
    • Can easily be afforded since it’s very cheap

    What we didn't like

    • Some users say that it can be labor intensive during the installation process

    Verdict: For just under $400, you won’t find another in-ground hoop that offers the same features as the Spalding NBA In-Ground Basketball System. It’s truly worth everything you spend on it and more.

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    5. Silverback SB54iG In-Ground Basketball System

    The Silverback 54” In-Ground Basketball System comes in to close our top 5 list and make no mistake, it’s a top brand too. The hoop features a 54” backboard designed with advanced tempered glass to ensure the best bounce on the ball. The hoop also features a pro style breakaway rim for strength as well as a backboard and pole pad that offer additional protection during layup. The steel pole is powder coated and is easily set up on the ground before getting concrete reinforcement.

    What we liked

    • The best strength you will get for a medium range hoop in the market
    • A bigger, high-quality backboard will add to the fun of playing using this hoop
    • Easy to maintain and resistant to wear and tear

    What we didn't like

    • The backboard is heavy and may need more than one hand to install

     Verdict: In the category of medium range hoops, this one is indeed up there among the most recommended options. And why not, it has so many features to offer.

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    Best In-Ground Hoops At a Glance (Video)

    In-Ground Basketball Hoops – The Ultimate Buying Guide

    The idea that you can step into any store and get yourself the best basketball hoop is not really practical. There’re simply so many things you need to look for before settling on a hoop of choice. After all, to get full value for your money, you must be in a position to assess each available in ground hoop and see if it meets the specifications you have in mind or at least those that the manufacturer says it does.

    Pre-Purchase Considerations

    The in-ground basketball hoops come with supporting poles that are dug into the ground and supported by concrete. This gives them better stability and strength compared to the portable hoops. Ideally, the in-ground hoops are designed for people who want to play basketball professionally.
    They are also ideal for schools and other institutions. Because of the strength that the hoops offer and the stability, the cost will be relatively higher. Nonetheless, they will be full value for your money. The in-ground hoops offer the best possible playing experience.

    Before moving on the actual guide that will ultimately help you pick the best quality hoop, there’re some pre-purchase tips that you can benefit from.

    Here they are:

    Space - You should make sure that there’s enough space for the hoop and for the people who will be playing basketball with it. Although ideally a basketball hoop won’t need a lot of space in order to offer an enjoyable experience for each player, at least make sure you have enough space to cover half a normal court. This will make it easier for you to unleash the full capabilities of the in ground hoop that you’ll decide to go for.

    What’s Your Budget - Because of the strength and durability offered by many in ground basketball hoops, you may realize that some brands tend to be quite expensive. For someone who just wants a hoop for the occasional basketball game once in a while, you can’t afford to spend so much money on the hoop. The great thing is that you really don’t have to.

    There’re so many quality in ground hoops designed for the average player and they are quite cheap. These are the hoops that you should be going for, especially if you are tight on cash. If money isn’t a problem for you, perhaps getting a full professional experience won’t be a bad idea. There’re high-end in-ground hoops that feature an amazing backboard material and outstanding strength. Try them out and they will truly be worth it.

    Know What You Are Buying – While many people know what a basketball hoop is, very few really get into the technical details that actually make such hoops work. If you are going to spend money buying a basketball hoop, it’s only fair if indeed you understand the technical aspects of each hoop.

    These’re the things that make the difference between a quality hoop and a poor one. Going into the market without knowing this can really blindside you. In light of this, take your time and read about hoops and see some of the technical details that truly matter and then work to ensure that the hoop you buy has all these features.

    Key Features Of In-Ground Basketball Hoops

    Basketball hoops whether in ground orportable have some very unique features. As a buyer, you should know these features and how they contribute to the overall quality of the hoop you are about to buy.

    Well, here are some of the key features each in-ground basketball hoop should have:


    The backboard is an essential part of any basketball hoop and it can affect the playing experience of each person playing on the court. The backboard basically determines how the ball is going to bounce off and on the board. For people who are not good atdunking, the layup is always a great choice but then again, you can never do a good layup without a quality backboard.
    The materials that are used to make backboards can vary. Polycarbonate materials are used in low-end backboards for low-end in ground basketball hoops while the most advanced hoops will usually feature tempered glass backboards that are relatively better in terms of functionality and longevity.


    The rims are also very important. The rim is basically the round ring at the top of the hoop where the ball goes in. Just like the backboards, rims are also designed using a wide range of materials. The strength of the rim will be determined by the nature of the in-ground hoop you are buying.
    If you are buying a high-end professional hoop, you will realize that the hoops tend to be strong and highly durable. They are also covered to prevent any possibility of rust. As for low-end basketball hoops that are usually cheaper, you will realize that the hoops are uncovered and not so strong.

    Poles And The Support System

    An integral part of the in-ground hoops is the poles and the support system. The most important thing for these hoops is to make sure that they stick in the ground strongly so that they are not risky for the people who are playing. While generally most in-ground basketball hoops will feature steel poles, there’re some additional design features that are made on the high-end poles for additional strength and support. Of course, such poles will cost more but they will offer you full value for money once you buy them.

    Height Adjustment System

    The majority of people who will go to the store to buy a basketball hoop will be amateur players who may not have the height of pro players. Since most of these hoops are designed using standard specs, they will be a bit high for most people. This is the main reason why hoops available in retail stores have aheight adjustment mechanism.
    The height adjustment is designed to help you customize the hoop based on the height you feel comfortable. As for people who have kids, this is a very important feature. As a rule of thumb, make sure the height adjustment mechanism is simple enough for you.

    In-Ground Basketball Hoops By Budget

    In-ground basketball hoops are categorized into3 major budget. As a buyer, you can either go for the high-end budget, the low-end budget and the middle-end budget. Each of these categories will have unique products that will have very unique features. However, the higher-end hoops are expensive and are designed to offer the full professional basketball playing experience.

    Here is a full breakdown of these categories and what you can expect to find in each and every one of them:

      The Low-End Category- Budget under $500

      The low-end budget is designed for the lower-end of the market. These are basically in-ground basketball hoops that you can buy as an amateur player, install easily on your property and start playing. While the low-end in-ground basketball hoop will lack the required features to offer you a professional feeling as you play, they are still good enough for the occasional game every now and then.
      The low-end brands will also last quite some time if you are aware of the simple maintenance techniques needed.
      As for the most recommended brand in this category, the Spalding 88351 In- Ground Basketball System and Lifetime 71525 Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System will really do. It’s one of the few options in this low-end section that will offer great value for money.

      Medium Range Category- Budget Under $1000

      The medium range hoops are designed for the average player who’s trying to make that transition to a pro. They are also ideal for institutions and schools that are offering basketball as a recreational activity to their employees or students. The advantage of medium range in-ground basketball hoops is that you can easily find a good hoop with a very good price. While for an amateur player the medium range hoop is not really needed, it’s recommended.

      If you have the money or perhaps you don’t really mind digging in deeper to get a medium range hoop, then you have to do it. After all, the price difference between a low-end hoop and the medium-end hoop is not that big. Silverback In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard is one of the most recommended products in this category.
      However, if you need a better option with a bigger and better backboard, you won’t go wrong with the Silverback SB-60 In-Ground Basketball System which has a 60-inch aluminum framed backboard. Besides, the hoop also comes at an average price and would be a great choice for anyone.

      High-End Category- Bduget Over $1000

      The high-end category is for the professional players. The design of these products is so good and so advanced that when you are playing, you will be able to explore anything a professional basketball player can. So what does this really mean? Take this as an example.
      When you are watching a live basketball game, it must be nice to sit there and watch these professionals fly over the air to dunk for 2 points. It’s an exhilarating feeling and most of us consider the idea of dunking a very important personal achievement. The sad thing is that while you can still dunk on the low-end basketball hoops, you do it 3 or 4 times and there’s a risk that the entire system may just come down.

      But this is not a problem you will have to deal with if indeed you were to buy these high-end brands Lifetime Mammoth Height Adjustable In Ground Basketball System and Goalrilla GS In-Ground Basketball Systems with Tempered Glass Backboard. They are designed for this kind of activity and trust us, they will offer you an exciting and exhilarating experience. In addition to this, the top brands tend to also last long and are safer compared to the low-end and the medium range hoops. As for the most recommended product, we strongly recommend the S palding Are na View In-Ground Basketball System. While it will cost more, the strength, usability, and the overall design will truly give the best experience.

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