Best Pool Basketball Hoop Reviews in 2018


    Love basketball? A leisure hour in the swimming pool can be more charming, as you put one of the best pool basketball hoops by it. It’s awosome if you shoot threes all day, or struggle to place the ball on the game. But a right pool by the pool, will be the real game changer.
    But there are troubles, when you’re out in the market to buy one.
    Because some factors should be considered before buying a pool hoop and all these may not be your mind. To make it easier finding the best one, we’re here to give you a hand.

    To come out with 10 of the greatest pool basketball goals, we’ve gone through hundreds of models and their real time features. In addition, we’ve analyzed real user’s reviews, materialistics and of course, the price-quality ratio.

    Therefore, here we go with the list-




    Our Rating



    Swimline Cool Jam Pro

    Multi height level 44" backboard Including Ball


    Lifetime 1306

    44" Backboard 4 to 6.5 feet high Base 27 gallon


    Dunnrite Pool Sport 2-in-1

    Base weighs 115 lbs Backboard size 31"


    Intex Floating Hoops

    Ages 3 & up
    Height 26.5"
    Editors Choice

    Top 10 Best Pool Basketball Hoop In-Depth Reviews

    1. Coop Hydro Spring Hoop by SwimeWays - (Best For Kids)

    Coop hydro spring hoop is a perfect basketball hoop for the swimming pool with added textured grip. Textured grip inhibits the chance of slippery performance. It has external fabric covering that gives durability and cool pattern. To make it easy transport, it can be folded up flat by easy twisting.

    COOP Hydro Spring Hoops

    In order to increase the balanced position over the water, sewn is included in the spring at the base of hoop. As it makes flat folds by twisting, it is easy to store the hoop and don’t have any difficulty in transport. More than 5 years old children can play with the hoop comfortable with joy. We are sure that, its color and outlook design also can attract you.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Sewn is added to the base for fixity in the water
    • Bright colored and fabric coating inflatable basketball set
    • Twist and fold option make easy transport and storage.
    • Textured grip for the non-slippery performance.

    2. Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

    This is one of the best popular pool hoops on Amazon. Its size is comparatively larger than usual pool basketball hoops. While the hoop is fully inflated, it is 45” in length and its diameter is 36”.
    Especially of this hoop, it has multi ports for multiple shooters. Set up process is also easy and the ball is included in the Swimline giant short ball. There also has no chance of getting hurt if accidentally fall on it during wild and aggressive play.

    Swimline Gaiant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Game Toy

    This floating toy comes with two combined colors orange and blue. This perfect basketball hoop is slightly high in price than the usual items because of it’s great quality as well as performance also. As it comes with one basketball free of cost, just set the hoop in water and you are ready to play.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Multiple ports for multiple shooters
    • Larger than the usual pool basketball hoops
    • One ball is included in this product

    3. SwimWays 2 in 1 Game Poolside Hoop - Best Mid Range

    What would you like to play with pool, basketball or volleyball? Whatever you like that doesn’t matter now, you just need to have SwimWays 2 in 1 game set. Using the kit, you can play both volleyball and basketball which you want to play.
    The volleyball net that spans more than 24 feet in length. Switching from volleyball to basketball is a very easy task and similarly, the reverse switching is also not a tough work. No tools are required for assembly of the game set and constructive equipment are good in quality as this is why the product is durable.

    SwimWays 2 in 1 Game pool hoop

    If you make it your choice you get the pool hoot at a time you also get the best pool volleyball net.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Two popular swimming pool games: volleyball and basketball in 1 set.
    • Switching from one game to another game mode is so easy.
    • Easy assembly without any tools.
    • The game set comes with volleyball net, volleyball, 2 basketball hoops (bases), and 1 basketball.

    4. Lifetime Pool Side Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop

    Lifetime poolside basketball hoop is an excellent quality game kit and its adjustability reach in the highest level. The hoop is featured as is an adjustment is possible from minimum height 4 feet to highest 6.5 feet. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor gaming purpose and it is possible due to its height adjustment.
    The backboard is made up of polycarbonate playing surface and high-density polyethylene frame which makes it so strong that cannot but difficult to break it.

    Lifetime poolside portable basketball hoop

    44 inches rectangular backboard is shatterproof which signify quality product. The base of the hoop is portable which allows being filled with water or sand. But, never fill it with hot and freezing water to avoid any damages. This durable hoop is able to provide long lasting services and if you like basketball playing, you can get ownership of this one.

    Highlighted Features:

    • High-density polycarbonate and polyethylene shatterproof fusion broad backboard
    • Height adjustment from 4 feet to 6.5 feet
    • Comfortable use for both indoor and poolside games
    • Strong base

    5. Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball - Best for Poolside

    The outlook for this product is different to the rest of the reviewed products of this guide. Are you thinking how it is placed on this list? We just wanna introduce you to the best products and sometimes outlook consider doesn’t matter if we notice quality.
    The manufacturer designed Swimline cool jam pro thinking of sturdy and stable. It is made up such a way, 

    Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside Basketball Hoop

    bad weather condition can’t damage the basketball set either in sunny temperature and moisture inflicts.
    Assembly process of the game set is very simple and height adjustment can be done easily. Its broad backboard is appropriate for hitting shots from a different angle. The base of the game set can be filled up with water and that is why it stands as stable and stationary.

    Highlighted Features:

    • High-quality adjustable height poolside basketball set
    • Mold resistant materials
    • Strong construction and large-sized backboard are 44” width and 32” in height
    • Easy cleaning process

    6. Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Hoop

    Pro rebounder poolside game kit is the set of giving pleasure playing basketball in swimming pool in all weather. Structure of the body is enough strong and its backboard is featured for all weather and rugged plastic hoop contains downward direction net. To make it more stable and stationary its base can be filled with water and sand.
    It comes with classic pro game ball with inflating needle. The backboard of the set is so large that allows multiple shots from different angles.

    Poolmaster Pro Rebounder Poolside Basketball Game

    So no later, and just buy a pro rebounder poolside basketball game set and start play in the pool for hours of fun. It offers you sturdy structure, beautiful outlook, and obviously best performance.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Hard-body backboard suitable for all weather
    • Rugged plastic hoop with polyethylene net
    • The game base can be filled with water or sand for more stability
    • Classic pro-style game ball with inflating needle

    7. Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game - Best Floting

    This super floating hoop comes with its own basketball which is surely inflatable and looking like a real one. You can comfortably play using this hoop with your family, children, and friends in the pool.
    It has the perfect dimension which usually a pool hoop needs to have. It measures 17 inches horizontally, 14 inches diameter, and weight is about 2.38 pounds.

    Swimline Super Hoops Floating Basketball Game

    Highlighted Features:

    • Durable floating pool basketball hoop
    • PVC fluted tubing for higher strength and durability
    • Easy to transport
    • Perfect in both chlorine and salt water

    8. SwimWays Poolside Basketball Hoop

    How many heavy duty poolside basketball items are available in the marketplace, swimWays poolside basketball game set is one of the best of them. It is featured in a way there has a space for ball rest with the portable base.
    Because of being standard small size, it is easy to carry and no external tool is needed for the installation of the game set. Constructive materials used in the hoop high in quality that it can sustain even in harsh condition.

    SwimWays Poolside Basketball

    Let us know about its extra large durable backboard. Its front surface covers with attractive graphic design and black steel rim. Graphics materials give it beautiful looking and make it rust resistant.
    Swimways poolside basketball set is not height adjustable but the fixed height is standard. Pole of the set is also rustproof and made of high-quality plastic materials.
    Its base is designed for sturdy performance which is featured a built-in basketball rest. A classic pro-style ball also comes with the game set. Just buy and start to play.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Extra large durable backboard
    • 6 years or more ages are recommended to play
    • Comes with pro-style basketball without any cost
    • The base can be weighted with filling water and sand for more stability
    • No tools required for installation 

    9. Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game - Best Inexpensive

    What a wonderful looking floating pool basketball hoop it is! It is specially designed for the kids under 10 years but adults can also use it. Some of the cases kids are not willing to play, but some beautiful kits such as this pool basketball hoop encourage them to play.
    The hoop is made up of viable 10 gauge vinyl and an inflatable basketball comes with the hoop with repairing patch and ball contains 7 gauge vinyl. The dimension of the hoop is 26.5” in length and its width is 21.5” whereas its weight 0.32 ounces.

    Intex Floating Hoops Basketball Game

    The base of the hoop can be made more stable by filling water. If your child plays aggressively and roughly, as a result, falls on the hoop, there is no chance of getting hurt from it. The company Intex always tries to manufacturing their product maintaining the maximum level of safety.
    We think you would never avoid the floating pool basketball hoops for your kids such as Intex floating pool basketball hoop.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Beautiful looking pool basketball hoop
    • Comes with inflatable basketball
    • It measures 26.5” x 21.5”
    • Easy to carry

    10. Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop - Best High End

    As for people who love a poolside basketball experience, there aren’t many hoops that can beat the Dunnrite brand, especially for the features and the value for money.
    The hoop measures 17 inches wide and 19 inches deep as well as 38 inches on the tall base. It’s a big design and when you consider that the backboard measures 31” by 22”, you get the best possible experience playing the ball with this hoop.
    The hoop also comes with a stainless steel rim standing about 35 inches above the deck. The base can weigh up to 115 lbs once filled with water so you won’t have any stability issues.

    Pool Sport 2-in-1 Swimming Basketball Hoop

    The base is designed using tough polyethylene to ensure little chance of wear and tear once the water is filled.
    The base is designed using tough polyethylene to ensure little chance of wear and tear once the water is filled.
    The hoop has a simple and high quality design with reliable performance. The price is also good and the only challenge will be the rusting, especially if you live in a humid climate. Painting though will solve this problem for you.

    Best Pool Basketball Hoops At a Glance (Video)

    Poolside basketball hoops-Buying Guide

    You want to purchase a pool basketball hoop which lasts a long time and can be used comfortably. Before buying a pool basketball hoop we should consider some factor to make the best selection.


    Size of selecting hoop slightly depends on the size of the pool you have. Major fact, who will be play, kids or adult? Pick small for your kids and large for adults. A number of people are also a great matter of choosing.


    Constructive materials of backboard should need good quality and strong. Various type of materials used in backboard as like fiberglass, polyurethane, and polyethylene. Among them, fiberglass is best in quality but is so expensive. You can choose polyethylene, that is able to deliver excellent performance also.

    Weather Resistant

    As you play in the pool, it always belongs to water. So, choose a pool basketball hoop that is resistant to water and in this case you can choose good quality plastic over steel products. Again, it will also be a wise decision of choosing a product which is also resistant to moist and sunny temperature.

    Safety & strength

    For maintaining safety and strength base should remain strong and same positioned even after multiple shots of the ball. The strength of the base depends on the materials used to make the base. Steel is enough strong but starts damaging day by day. Compared with steel, plastic body is safer and relatively strong.


    The base is the vital part and it needs to weighted. Which bases are built-in weight, they are little difficult to carry. Select a hoop which base has the character being weighted by filling water or sand, in this way it got more stability and stationary.

    Best Pool Games With Basketball

    Some other game can be played in the pool with the basketball to your family members, friend, and other people.

    Straight up pick-up game

    The excellent can be played if your pool height up to 4-5 feet. The way of playing the, holding the basketball you need to move through the water with or without swimming from one side to another side. If you are multiple numbers you can play 3v3 or 4v4 or another combination.

    Water polo basketball

    This game is possible in your pool if that is minimum 7 feet deep from the upper surface of the water. You have to through the while you are floaty and it is also difficult to through the ball keeping your hand over the surface of the water. Challenge of the game is shooting motion. You already realize that to play the game you need to know swimming.

    3-Point shots contest

    You need to through basketball 3 times repeatedly to the hoop from a certain distance. Just count who can score more. You can play this game with a lot of people making a group or individually as you prefer. At the end of the game, someone or a group make high score but rest of your friends or the group tries to defeat next day. It is a very enjoyable and competitive game also.

    Final Verdict

    We worked hard making this guide to help you in choosing best pool basketball hoop. We tried to ingather different types of hoops such as floating, poolside, portable and suitable for your kids and adult also. You can easily opt best performing pool basketball hoops from our own made list. We believe it would be very beneficial before deciding final product and hopefully, you will be very glad using the products also.

    Looking for pool floating basketball hoop?

    So, why not choose Swimline super floating basketball hoop. It is designed as a sturdy structure for real feelings of playing basketball but offer you at an affordable price.
    Swimline super hoops used PVC tubing with hollow like structure interior so that it can adrift and maintaining strength and durability. Though this item is not inflatable, it is light in weight for easy transport. It is also suitable for both salt and chlorine water.

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