Best Skate Shoes For Flip Tricks – Longest Lasting Shoes (2019)

best skate shoes of 2018

If you want to do skating, you need the longest lasting best skate shoes for flip tricks. It is a type of footwear made for use in skateboarding. To choose a pair of shoes is also the crucial part of the skating. There are many companies and shop that provide all kinds of skating shoes costing various amounts. You must love skating because you are here.

The top performing skate shoes, which are comfortable, eye-catching, fashionable, long-lasting and can make your performance right. But a good pair of skate shoe can protect you during your skateboarding as shoes minimize your feet injuries.

There are many types of skate shoes for flip tricks on the market that will make you hard to choose best one. But, everybody does not want the same kind. Different customers want different types of choice. If you can select the standard one, your invested money does not get west.

Top 8 Best Skate Shoes For Flip Tricks

Shoe Name




Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe (Editor’s Choice)




Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe




DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe (Editor’s Choice)




Nike Men’s SB Portmore Ultralight M Skate Shoe




Etnies Mens Fader LS Shoes Footwear Tri-Band




Globe Men’s GS Skate Shoe




DVS Men’s Celsius Skateboarding Shoe




Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Top Sneaker




A pair of top quality shoes will prevent you from the foot injury. During skating, the soles of your shoes held the entire weight of your body. So, if there is no protection, you can get injured.

You will feel more comfortable when you put high-quality shoes while playing the skateboard. It will provide you large inside that make you comfort. Besides, the upper portion of the shoes has the property of breathability that is the matter of your comfort.

The shoes will help you to be confident when doing flip tricks. It makes you smart look. You can move anywhere and any place with the aid of your shoes and skateboard.

The flat bottom of skate shoe helps you to keep your feet fit into the board. Moreover, it keeps your knee and foot safe. It gives your feet a great support.

Our Top 10 Selection of Best Skate Shoes

It is very difficult to choose the skate shoes because there are many options available in the markets. We can describe you some shoes which are popular and ranked well by their buyers. Therefore, this article will be helpful to you to pick up the top one.

01. Adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Skate Shoes


Adidas Originals men’s Seeley shoes are durable, breathable and also comfortable. The shoes are the perfect combination of classic and the modern looks. It is suitable for any occasions. Moreover, these shoes will provide you good support and comfort for every flip. It is a vulcanized sole shoes. Besides, it will give you superior traction so that you can maintain your control on the skateboard. The shoes are synthetically made of rubber. You can find several colors, However, Adidas Originals men’s Seeley skate shoes are made of leather. So, this technology makes the shoes long-lasting.

This stylish shoe will make your confidence strong while skating. There are three-stripe designs available in the market. It is eye-catching one. This lace-up shoe has smooth abrasion-resistant upper. It will fit perfectly to your foot and give you protection to your ankles. Thus it protects you from any kinds of a foot injury. It is a low profile shoe with good quality. The vulcanized soles of the Adidas Originals men’s Seeley skate shoes are soft, and it can easily extrude through the roller molds which make these strips for the wrap. Your feet do not feel soar after a multi-hours of skating.

Men’s Adidas skate shoes with the high-octane line give you some iconic moments of a retro reboot from sports fashion history. The diffusion black line is renowned over the last 60 years which taking the leading place from the sportswear giving the street styles.


  • Having rubber soles and synthetic upper portion increase the durability of the shoes
  • Excellent fitting capacity
  • Provide good breathability and giving good foot support
  • Clean conservative and reliable design with some good colors
  • Brings the true styles


  • Not as comfortable as you think
  • The designs are classic, not more stylish

02. Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe


Since 1966, Vans have a large sports series like the skateboard, surfing, and even skiing. Vans brought skateboarding brand which now has become a world famous street fashion and sports brand, and even fashion brands. Vans shoes are glutted by the environment glue.

Who are looking for a classic look comfortable skate shoes can consider a pair of Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoe. It will provide you excellent Comfortability. These shoes feature canvas or suede uppers that depend on your color selection. Moreover, the comfortable shoes are with the collar pad, and footbed gives you extra support.

It also offers you an EVA insert for additional support. So, there is little chance to get injured. As Vans is a famous company for their products especially footwear, it is not to waste your money to buy shoes from Vans.

It gives you timeless skate style with a long time durability that makes you satisfied. The upper of the shoes is made of synthetic and the tongue and collar are well padded. Thus, the shoes give you protections and comfort. The rubber soles make the shoes light and flexible. The shoes are designed for critical physical movements. The padding and tongue are not visible. Besides, the ankles get sufficient supports from these shoes. You can use the shoes roughly. Moreover, the soles provide you a plenty of grip as your need.

They are the practical reasons for you to choose the Vans Unisex Old Skool Skate Shoes for your skating.


  • Good breathable capacity and excellent comfortability
  • Extra fitting capacity
  • Outsoles contain Vans Signature Waffle
  • Excellent fitting and looking
  • Lightweight and flexible


  • The shoes are good but not so wide
  • Still, a good shoe and genuine but they are the canvas shoes

03. DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe


The Court Graffik Skate Shoe of DC has a durable upper synthetic leather with the DC logo so that you can comfortably land on all skateboard. The leather gives you a strong and sturdy feel. The DC logo putt on the heel which makes it easy to identify and separate the brand from the fakes.

DC decided to create skate shoes in 1993. They wanted to make the highest leveled performance shoes. Thus, their mission continues to stay true to their mission to make the great change. They have the technologies such as Super Suede TM, DGTTM Dynamic Grip Technology, Drop-In Cushion System TM. Synthetic leather increases the durability of the shoes.

Those who want the stylish and eye-catching shoes can consider a pair of DC Men’s Court Graffik Skate Shoe. This pair of shoes offers you a great comfortability with a cushioned pillow. The foamed tongue and collar give you extra comfort. The vents hole of the upper portion makes the shoes breathable. Besides, it provides an excellent protection on the skateboard. It is made of leather, and the sole is cup sole and stitch with the body correctly.

When you put on the shoes, you do not feel any foot pain. You will find a plenty of padding inside the shoes which will protect you from your difficult practices. For the leather shapes, the durability of the shoes is excellent. You can just trust on these shoes. Besides, it is very wearable for its’ flat design. Also the extra padded inside keep you warm at the cold.


  • Have best durability and comfort capacity
  • Protect you from being injured
  • Fit well and have breathable vents holes
  • Have a lightweight mesh tongue


  • The DC logo can fall off after some wears because it stuck with glue on the toe box
  • The shoes are tight at the toe areas

04. Nike Men’s SB Portmore Ultralight M Skate Shoe


The Nike released the men’s SB Portmore Ultralight shoes with superior cushioning. The shoes have a padded tongue between the top and the board of the foot. So, you feel more comfort. The beautiful looking shoes are also durable for their constructed materials. The rubber made soles are vulcanized. A pair of these shoes is very light and comfy.

Besides, Herringbone-pattern of the outsole for superior grip. The upper portion is mashed. So, its’ breathability is so good. Besides, you can choose the shoes within your budget. You will feel excellent on the board.

You must feel better on the committee for the superior flexibility of the shoes. But we know that suede and leather made shoes are long-lasting. Nike men’s SB Portmore Ultralight shoes are made of synthetic material.

So, it is not so much durable than the leather one. We know the matter that every product is not perfect from all sides. If you want a pair of lightweight, flexible, breathable, good quality skate shoes, you can choose the shoes. Besides, the shoes are very comfortable for the local sports you want to participate.


  • It is fairly comfortable and light
  • Designs can satisfy you
  • Vulcanized construction increases its’ quality
  • The lightweight shoes are easy to maintain
  • Canvas uppers provide you the breathable comfort


  • The shoes may be narrow to the wide footed men
  • It is hard at the first time

05. Etnies Mens Fader LS Shoes Footwear


Etnies Mens Fader LS Shoes are the stylish, nice-looking, classic shoes. It is the well-known company that provides the best kinds of footwear for past skate shoes. They have been making shoes for 30 years. The synthetic and vulcanized rubber shoes have the durability of the soles. Moreover, EVA insole makes the shoes comfortable. The shoes have good arch support. Also, it has the decent support.

It is an updated classic version designed for the new generation. Besides, it is a slimmer footwear. The tongue of the Etnies Men’s Fader LS Shoes is minimal with elastic straps. So, you can find your feet perfectly placed. The Fader LS has some padding on the tongue and collar that provide extra protection of your foot. The rough and rugged shoes have the ability to control a broad range of grounds. If you prefer a low profile but not a heavy one, you can take one pair of the men’s fader. It is an excellent choice. Moreover, the shoes offer you a long lasting iconic style with a new version.

Etnies Fader LS Shoes is the trustable footwear for you if you want to pull off some toughest tricks out on the street. Its’ grippy outsole, allows the skater to skate on any kinds of surfaces containing traction. The shoes are designed and tested properly for any types of skaters. So, to have a great feeling of skating, you can try a pair of Etnies Mens Fader LS Shoes. The shoes are also water resistant.


  • It is well-fitted, comfortable and also light
  • Eye-catching and stylish
  • Classic modernized version in order to long time use
  • Good shoes with good prices