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Why do Basketball Players Wear Leggings

Why do Basketball Players Wear Leggings

If you are a basketball fan then you have likely noticed the fashion trend of basketball players wearing leggings or compression tights. You might have even asked yourself, why do basketball players wear leggings?

Some people think that players wear these garments out of modesty, while some people surmise that the garments are a fashion statement, and others think the leggings keep the players warm.

Basketball Leggings

Basketball Leggings

The undergarments that basketball wearers wear under their shorts are a type of legging known as a compression tight, or compression legging. A compression tight is designed to fit very snugly against the wearer.

Compression garments have been used in medical treatment for people who have vein conditions, or leg conditions, in the form of compression stockings. Compression sleeves are worn by people who suffer from weak wrists, or carpal tunnel syndrome.

The wearing of compression tights by athletes, like basketball players, is done for medical reasons, and for performance enhancement.

Medical Reasons to Wear Compression Tights

The players who wear leggings under their shorts reap the following medical benefits. Some of the players wear these garments because their doctors, and team advisors, have recommended that they do so.

1. Increased blood flow

The leggings help the heart to deliver a consistent supply of blood to all parts of the body. This improved blood flow allows the body to work more efficiently, and to reproduce cells quicker. The increased amount of oxygen rich blood flowing through the body also helps the person to fight off infections, or recover from infections quicker.

2. Protect a player when they fall

Reduce bruising and damages caused by bruising. The tights often have pads built into them so they protect a player when they fall, or when they hit against the wall. The pads prevent the force of a fall from causing bruising, or other damages to knees and legs of players.

3. Skin rubbing

The leggings stop chaffing. Athletes often have to deal with the painful condition of chafing. The leggings cover the skin so that the skin does not rub against fabric or other skin and the instances of chafing are reduced dramatically.

4. Ruduce Muscle Strain

The leggings reduce muscle strain. Often the muscles of a players’ legs will be stressed, and they can become strained. This is particularly true if the player has been sitting on the bench for a long period of time and is suddenly sent into the game.

The muscles of those players are not warmed up and the strenuous activity required can cause cramping, strain, and allow injuries to occur. The leggings help to keep the muscles warm, so the muscles are ready for the heat the game play will cause.

5. Ruduce Muscle Strain

These garments are capable of providing additional groin support to the athlete so they have fewer groin injuries. The athlete is less likely to over-extend or have a pulled groin muscle if they wear these garments. They also help reduce the testicular injuries that can occur during strenuous activity and contact sports.

6. Others Reason

Compression garments reduce the swelling you experience.

They greatly reduce a persons’ risk of developing a type of blood clot that is called a deep vein thrombosis. They also help prevent varicose veins in people who are prone to this condition.

The leggings prevent physical contact injuries like scratches and scrapes

General Reasons Why Basketball Players Wear Leggings

Some of the reasons why the players choose to wear leggings are not medically motivated. Some other reasons why they wear these garments are:

1. Fashion trends are one of the major reasons why some of the younger players start to wear the leggings. The players can wear school colors, or show support for different things by wearing certain leggings.

2. Sweat management is achieved by wearing this wicking material. The player stays more comfortable and has fewer sweat related heat rashes.

3. The leggings reduce the cramping and muscle soreness that can occur after the muscles have been put through a strenuous workout.

4. The leggings really do keep the legs of the players warm, and this is a super benefit if the player plays the game outdoors in the winter time.

5. Some players say the leggings increase the amount of power, or strength their legs have.

6. Some players feel more secure when they are wearing the garments, and this may stem from personal modesty issues.

Closing Thoughts

If basketball players wear leggings beneath their shorts; what do basketball players wear under their jerseys?

Some basketball players wear t-shirts under their jerseys, and some players wear a compression style shirt under their jersey. The compression style shirt offers great benefits of these under garments include: warmth, inflammation suppression, reduction in muscle strains, reduction in bruising, back support, and moisture wicking.

It pays off for us to learn the reason why basketball players, and other athletes wear, and do, some of the things they do.

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