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Are you passionate about basketball as we are? Do you want to share ideas with us? Are you a good writer? Than apply to write for us today and get your article seen by thousands of people.

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  1. All content must be unique, informative and plagiarise free.
  2. Articles must be 700+ words. No limit as long as it is quality content. A short interesting article will always beat a long boring one.
  3. You must include a stock photo that you own.

Why Write For Us

  1. You can have a link to your social media profiles or website (if you have one) in the author bio.
  2. Promote your porsonal brand.

What We Are Looking For

  1. We are looking for people that can submit articles on a regular basis but will also accept once off guest posts.
  2. The best articles are the ones that will not go out of date for a long time.
  3. We are looking for stories about Basketball, related equipement and everything related to basketball.
  4. We are also looking for training articles that will help players take their game to the next level.

Application Process

Send your article with your full name, a short bio, and subject on
info @ besthoopslab . com You are also invited to include a personal website address and any social media handles with your profile. We prefer Google Doc, but we also accept Word documents.

Be sure you proofread your article before submitting. Our usual timeframe to review your application is 48-72 hours.